carpet cleaning London
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    Carpet cleaning London
    We will return the purity of your carpet
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Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning London

If you or someone in your family has hay fever, allergies, eczema, itchy skin, or blocked nose, you should make sure that your curtains, carpets and upholstery are clean. Dust can cause a variety of diseases, including respiratory problems, polyps, asthma, eczema, and others.

My Magic Cleaners have been carefully steam cleaning carpets and upholstery for many years. All our carpet cleaners are highly trained and experienced to insure you get the best quality service available.

We are a professional cleaning company providing:
Carpet cleaning, Curtain cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Commercial cleaning
Using steam cleaning our experts will remove accumulated allergens, spots and stains!

Carpet cleaning London

When you need professional cleaning of carpets in London, please refer to the My Magic Cleaners. It's the only way to ensure that you get the best cleaning at affordable prices all over London. Greasy spots, traces of mud or deep penetrated dirt don`t stand a chance when the My Magic Cleaners deal with laundering of fitted carpets or rugs in your home.


Curtain cleaning London

The perfect set of curtains can transform the look of a room in one easy step but only if they are clean and pressed without any traces of dirt or stains. Besides, cleaning the curtains at home might be a difficult task to accomplish.


Mattress Cleaning London

No matter how clean the home, mattresses are prone to the same problem. We produce up to half a liter of sweat every night & shed about a gram of skin each day and although we wear night clothes, which we wash regularly, together with our bed linen, this is no protection against what happens to the mattress.


Rug Cleaning London

Every rug tells a story about the people who made it, own it and live with it every day. Different patterns, textures, shapes, sizes and colors complement the furniture and floors throughout a home while expressing the individual personalities and tastes of each rug’s design-savvy curator.


Upholstery cleaning London

My Magic Cleaners offers you full range of services for cleaning of soft furniture in your home. Your sofa, couch, chairs, recliners, mattresses, curtains are unique and require special care. Our experts will restore the look of your favorite furniture - quickly, efficiently and at low cost.


Commercial cleaning London

Having a clean, healthy working environment is not only important to your employees, but also provides the professional image you want for your customers too.


Carpet cleaning prices
Single Bedroom
Double Bedroom
Lounge or Living room
Flight of Stairs
Rug Cleaning
6ft or Under
Over 6ft
Sofa Cleaning
Two-seat sofa
Tree-seat sofa
Fabric armchair
Curtain Cleaning
Short Pair
Long Pair
Total with Discount

~ 5% discount when you spend £70.00 or more.
~ The minimum outgoing charge for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is £39.00.
~ Congestion charge applies Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm (£11.50).
~ 24/7 available (including weekends and bank holidays)

How to contact My Magic Cleaners

Contact with us is quick and easy! Call us at 07504072020 or get a free quote.

Carpet cleaning London

carpet cleaning London
carpet cleaning London carpet cleaning London carpet london

Carpet cleaning London

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